13. Januar 2017

Digital Education in 3D Printing



Modular pedagogical concept to promote digital learning, STEAM competencies, and creativity.

fabmaker® provides an innovative, modular programme complete with educational materials to support the use of 3D printing in schools.

The whole concept is developed to meet curricular requirements in six key areas:

Production and Presentation:
Development and construction | Improvement and integration

Problem Solving:
Solving technical problems | Using tools and resources appropriately | Self-analysis and solution seeking | The use of digital tools and media for learning, work, and issue resolution

Workshops | Forums | Consultancy

Professional support for professional teaching staff!
We offer a range of CPD sessions, a user forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences, as well as technical help and support in using the edufab in the classroom.



3D Printer and Hardware Tools

Alongside the edufab we offer a full range of hardware projects, all of which cover the complete design process from idea to finished product. This takes the learner from a hand sketch through the creation of a digital 3D model to the manufacturing of the product using edufab. The pupil learns to follow constructional and functional constraints, and master challenges leading to a successful result. Using the advantages edufab offers in fast turnaround, the whole process can be optimised using an iterative loop.


Study Materials and Worksheets

We support you in classroom integration with a full range of study materials and worksheets including cue cards, teaching notes, background information and project cards.  As well as topic-specific skills and knowledge, the pupils learn transferable skills such as creativity and processing skills.  In this way learners build their own bridge between knowledge and ability.


Software and Online Tools

We provide a custom made slicing software to convert the 3D model into layers which the printer can process.  With this software users can choose between different profiles which select a balance between quality, strength, printing speed, and price.  Approximate printing time and costs are displayed in advance. We recommend a range of 3D modelling software – the key requirement is that it can output an STL file.  Both teachers and learners are supported through online tutorial and a database offers the opportunity to share and compare designs for particular purposes.


edufab – The 3D Education Printer

edufab is designed specifically for the education market – tough, simple to use, and flexible – and, most importantly, allows safe usage of a 3D printer in your classroom.

Your Advantages

  • The large print volume lets you print a whole class set at once.
  • Two print heads allow a combination of materials and or colours to be used on the same print.
  • Excellent print quality through layer heights down to 0.02 mm.
  • Eliminated risk of burns, other injuries, or harmful gasses in the classroom.
  • Continued evaluation and improvement to the printer.
  • Continued expansion of the educational materials.
  • Immediate support in the event of disruptions to get you up and running again.
  • Automated setup and print processing to allow you to focus on your learners.





The Complete Solution for Digital Education in 3D Printing

  • edufab – The 3D Education Printer
  • The fabucation® Principle
  • An extensive range of classroom project kits.
    For example: The Solarmobil3D
    Complete materials set (teaching notes, background information cards, cue cards, and project notes).
    Teaching support materials.
    Five pupil project kits including an electric motor, a solar panel, cabling, axles and axle stoppers.
    A class set of 30 key rings for personalised key fobs to get the group off to a flying start.
  • Slicing Software
    Our in house developed slicing software converts a design into layers that the edufab uses to create a 3D model.
    Pre installed profiles allow the user to select a balance between quality, strength, speed, and cost.
    Approximate production times and costs are displayed in advance.
  • Access to Design Database
  • Online Tutorials and Blended Learning
  • Teacher Training Workshops
  • A full range of filaments
  • Support for questions and issues

fabucation_book_1fabucation – 3D Printing in Schools
The issues of this revolutionary technology explained in clear concise terms.

Coming Soon in English!

The accompanying book examines the issues and challenges facing 3D printing technology and its potential for the future.
Covering test designs, an introduction to 3D modelling with the free software Sketchup and examples of teaching plans, the book is the perfect overview of introducing the 3D printer to the classroom.

German edition: ISBN: 978-3-7357-5802-6



Best Practice: Solarmobil3D

Best Practice: Solarmobil3D

Best Practice: Solarmobil3D

Over three days pupils from the Brunswick area came together to work on the Solarmobile 3D project. The aim was to design, develop, and build their own personalised solar powered vehicle.

This design and construction project focussed on making the aerodynamics as efficient as possible. The required parts were then made with the edufab. In the project kit were the other necessary parts – a solar panel and cabling, an electric motor, two axles, and four axle stoppers.

The children were captivated by this project. A clearly defined objective and opportunities for collaborative working allowed the core skills of construction and working with a 3D printer to be learned effectively. The concept drew its key aims from the curriculum, making it easy to implement in your teaching plan

Such projects enhance the STEAM competencies, creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving, as well as connecting the digital world with handcrafts.

We are the way to the key skill of 3D production in your school and through that we support digital learning.


Scientific Advisors:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gabriele Graube
(TU Braunschweig, Institute of Educational Science, Department Training and Media)

Prof. Dr. Meinhard Schilling
(TU Braunschweig, Institute of Electrical Measurement and Electrotechnology)

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